Private-label products are now available in major supermarkets and restaurants that do not contain meat or dairy.

This month, supermarkets will be promoting Veganuary and introducing private-label vegan food. The British retailer Tesco launched its plant-based line on January 8 across 600 UK stores. The company created Wicked Kitchen, 20 inventive vegan meals, including turmeric bulgur-wheat salad and mushroom teriyaki noodles. Tesco recently reported an increase of 40% in the sales of ready-to-eat vegetarian and vegan meals and snacks.

Asda introduced its Food-to-Go vegan range after identifying a gap in its repertoire. Andrew Johnston is Asda’s innovation development chef. He says that as more people become vegan or eat a more plant-based diet, the vegan options will only improve. In the future, we’d like to see greater inclusivity across our product ranges.

In December 2017, German supermarket Aldi launched Earth Grown. This line of vegan and veggie products. For now, the release is limited to a few American stores. Products include meatless “meatballs” and soy protein burgers.

Fast-food chains have added vegan options to their menus. Domino’s has launched three vegan pizzas with vegan mozzarella in Australia. Pizza Hut now offers vegan cheese at all its locations following a successful trial. McDonald’s launched the McVegan Burger in Sweden and Finland last month, following an enthusiastic response from consumers.

Jetstar, a major airline in Australia, has added vegan options to its international on-board menu to satisfy passenger requests. American Airlines offers vegan options.

Nielsen’s study shows that the mass market is already vegan. The demand for plant-based foods has reached $3.1 billion and grew by 8.1% from September 2016 to September 2017. The sales of plant-based dairy products such as vegan yogurts, cheeses, and ice cream grew by 20 percent, totaling $700 million.

The number of participants in Veganuary 2018, which is set to be 150,000 worldwide, will almost triple the 59,500 supporters from last year. Veganism is expected to continue even after January as more consumers turn to alternatives to meat and milk.

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