Dinner party etiquette: 9 rules you really should know and follow

When I’m not in a restaurant, I love to host dinner parties.

It’s usually a boozy affair, so I can tell you that I’ve seen pretty much everything a guest at a party could do. They do a lot of things they shouldn’t.

You should be aware of these nine common dinner party faux pas.

Turn off your mobile phone.

Right now, I’m serious. I mean it. A little black rectangle can make you feel like you are not important or seen as much. You can leave it in your pocket and check urgent items during bathroom breaks or sneak into another room to discreetly check. The same goes for forcing someone to eat so that you can get The Shot or insisting on posting photos to your stories. Post later; enjoy now.

Don’t arrive empty-handed.

There are some rules to remember when choosing a gift. Finding a vase in the middle of cooking is a nightmare. You can share a bottle of wine, as long as it’s not too expensive. Finding room in the refrigerator is difficult when you love food. If your gift does not add to the host’s workload, it is a thoughtful one.

Help clear the table; don’t just do the dishes.

It could be considered an insult if you rush into someone’s home and start cleaning up. It’s tempting for you to want to do everything you can to help, but your host would rather you spend the evening with them and not be seen awkwardly handling food scraps.

Be cautious when discussing controversial topics.

You may not even realize that your friend is throwing a wrench in your plans. It’s doubly important if there are older people at the table. Please don’t be too serious about it. Just try the water if you are comfortable.

Keep yourself nice

Enjoy yourself, no doubt. If you’re a drinker, have an extra glass. If you find that your eyes are getting heavy, or if you want to fight (or cry), then switch to water and take a breath. Don’t get messy. You don’t want to ruin your mood. No one wants to be embarrassed on Sunday.

Wait until all guests are seated before you start eating

It may seem obvious because we were not raised in barns. But if you reach to serve yourself before everyone has seated themselves, that isn’t nice. Please wait for the host to arrive, then thank them and wait for instructions.

Do not arrive on time.

It’s not that you should arrive late. However, a grace period of 15 minutes can make or ruin a host’s cool-as-a-cucumber vibe. They can do their dirty laundry or touch up on their makeup behind closed doors.

Kick The Keto

Allergies can be very serious and need to be treated as such. Your host should have made you aware of any dietary restrictions before the show. You have a duty as a guest. When you RSVP, politely inform your host of your allergy to nuts or gluten. Also, let them know if you are vegan. Don’t ask your host to accommodate you because you are on a low-carb diet or dislike parsley.


In the underworld, there is a VIP section for those who do not RSVP to a party or cancel at the last minute. You are guilty if you have ever texted 10 minutes before a party saying, “OMG, I’m so sorry, my cat is sick” or “Uh-oh, food poisoning.” Please do not post pictures of your bar hop if you have bailed.

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