Australia’s top 100 new recipes of 2023, according to taste readers created and discovered a number of new recipes this year.

Here are some of the best new recipes rated so far by Taste readers in 2023.

Slow-cooker French onion beef

This recipe for slow cooker French onion beef uses chuck steak, sweet carrots, thyme, and French onion soup mix. Double the recipe and freeze.

One pan cheesy taco beef rice bake

Are you looking for an easy, low-cost one-pan meal? This hearty dish is a great way to avoid washing dishes. This meal can be prepared to feed a large family or as a convenient option for meal preparation.

Cheesy potato crust quiche nests

The crispy texture of the baked cheese will go perfectly with the soft egg, shallot, and ham filling. These quiche nests are a great way to amp up the flavors of quiche.

Lemon meltaway cake

Why is this recipe for lemon cake called “meltaway”? It’s the best way to describe that heavenly feeling of moist, buttery lemon cake melting in your mouth. You have to taste it to believe it.

Slow-cooker Korean beef

Why order takeout when you can prepare this Korean beef in the slow cooker in just 10 minutes? All you need to do is put all the ingredients in a slow cooker and let it work its magic. The sweet and savory flavors from the bulgogi (found in the Asian section at the supermarket), garlic, onion, and ginger make the beef melt in your mouth.

Matt Preston’s slow cooker beef à la mode

Enjoy the rich, savory flavors of this slow-cooker twist on classic beef a la Mode. This dish is a combination of tender meat, aromatic herbs, and a medley of vegetables in a red wine-based broth.

Mongolian Lamb in a Slow Cooker

If you didn’t understand the hype before, this Mongolian-pulled lamb will make you do so. The combination of spices creates a complex and delicious flavor profile.

French onion pasta baked with cheese in one dish.

This mac and cheese dish is a delicious twist on the classic. It tastes like Smith’s Cheese & Onion Chips.

Potatoes Lorraine

My two favorite foods are potato bake and quiche Lorraine. Why not combine them for a match that is made in heaven? It’s delicious on its own, but the combination of the creamy egg mixture and the bacon bits creates a flavor explosion that the potatoes will soak up.

Mediterranean Hasselback Chicken

We love hasselback potatoes (the technique where you cut small slits in the top), so we decided to try it with chicken and then fill it with classic Mediterranean flavors and ingredients. It looks amazing and tastes even better, but it is actually very simple to prepare. You only need six ingredients and about 20 minutes of prep time.

Apple custard tray cake

This recipe is a great way to get that delicious, sweet taste. We all know apple and custard go together perfectly. Cinnamon and butter cake will make this dessert a hit with everyone.

Broccoli cheddar rice bake

We all love the creamy and cheesy sauces found in many of our favorite comfort foods. We often feel sick after eating too much of our favorite dishes. This cheesy baked dish may seem indulgent, but it is actually healthy.

Little Anzac cream cups

The Anzac Cream Cups are the perfect combination of sweet cream and buttery biscuit cups. Anzac biscuits, a favorite of Australians, are a five-ingredient dessert that is perfect for parties.

Lemon custard dumplings

The lemon syrup sauce adds a burst of freshness and sweetness to these dumplings. Add some extra lemon peel to give them a freshness boost.

Creamy Tuscan Pumpkin Soup

It’s all about the flavor enhancers, like garlic, pesto, and rosemary, that are simmered with the vegetables. Serve the soup with a simple air-fryer focaccia, and top it with a crispy parmesan.

Salmon rissoles in the air fryer

Air fryers are our favorite appliance for cooking rissoles. They’re also a great way to cook a family meal. This canned salmon recipe is made from leftover mashed potatoes (or you can purchase tubs at the supermarket). It takes just over an hour to prepare.

Chicken and zucchini lasagne

This flavor-packed lasagne is a great choice for a weeknight meal. This winner’s dinner is under $5 a serving and is loaded with chicken mince, hidden vegetables, and creamy bechamel sauce.

One-pot melting lemon salmon spaghetti

This creamy, easy spaghetti is made with only five ingredients and takes just five minutes to prepare. It’s midweek magic to watch the mascarpone turn into a creamy sauce.

Strawberry condensed Milk Weet-Bix Bars

Condensed Milk pairs perfectly with a wide variety of flavors. Condensed Milk combined with blitzed strawberry juice produced some amazing results.

All-in-one Italian chicken rice casserole

This tasty bake brings together all the best things – rice, chicken, cream, semi-dried tomato, and cheese for a hint of Tuscan sun. These Italian flavors will fill your home with a delicious aroma.

One-pot Calabrian prawn risoni

This Italian-inspired, one-pot wonder is made with only five ingredients and thirty mines. The quick and zesty shrimp are packed with flavor, and the silky prison savor the rich flavors in the roasted garlic sauce.

Crispy corn fritters with sticky Bacon Jam

The corn fritters can be a great way to use up some simple ingredients. Curry powder is a great way to save money on spices. It adds a lot of flavor and brings a little spice.

Fruit Tingle cheesecake slice

It’s hard to beat a no-bake slice of cheesecake, especially if the childhood favorite Life Savers Fruit Tingles inspire it. We’ve topped our creamy cheesecake with crunchy, tangy, pastel Fruit Tingles and crushed them to add extra zest.

Malaysian Lamb and Potato Curry

As this curry is cooked, the aromas of herbs and spices will fill your kitchen. The meat will melt in your mouth while the sauce bursts with flavor. The potatoes absorb the sauce and go perfectly with the lamb. This mild curry tastes like Malaysian food and can be eaten on its own or with rice.

Garlic Bread Meatballs

This cheat version is perfect for those who love a meatball with a lot of sauce. The garlic bread croutons are made all in one pan and soak up the tomato sauce. This is a delicious, affordable weeknight meal.

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