Tips on how to freeze leftovers, plus freezer-friendly recipes

It is easy to reduce food waste by freezing leftovers.

Taste has compiled a guide to help you store leftover food properly, including pasta bakes and casseroles.

The best way of freezing leftovers

Containers: Divide leftovers between plastic containers, allowing enough space at the top to allow for swelling. Cover with plastic wrap, then cover the lid. Label the container with the date and label on both sides and top.

Sealable bags are useful: Place the sealable bag in a bowl for stabilization. Fill the bag with leftovers that have cooled. Seal the bag after removing excess air by squeezing it. Label the bag with contents and date.

Tip: To save space, freeze flat and then stack.

How To Freeze Pasta Bakes

Add toppings to pasta and bake without baking. Cool. Cover with aluminum foil and two layers of plastic wrap. Defrost overnight in the refrigerator after freezing.

Can leftovers be frozen?

When done correctly, freezing food is one of the best ways to preserve it. It also locks in its flavor and nutrients. Some leftovers do not freeze well because of the loss in texture and appearance. (See list below).

How quickly can food be frozen after cooking?

To ensure food stays safe, cool cooked dishes quickly before freezing. The temperature in the freezer will rise if you freeze hot food.

How much time can leftovers be frozen?

You can freeze leftovers for a certain amount of time, depending on the type of food you’re freezing. This guide will help you:

Can you freeze leftovers after two to four days?

The Food Safety Information Council of Australia suggests freezing leftovers as soon as possible after a meal.

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