Frozen foods, rebranded

Frozen foods are not the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to healthy eating. A new wave of start-ups is reinvigorating this category with modern branding and nutritious products that meet every type of diet requirement.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams invested in Daily Harvest this summer. The startup, which offers frozen soups and smoothies, is based in New York. Paltrow stated in a press release that “Farm-frozen products are picked at their nutritional peak and retain more nutrients.” Daily Harvest resonated strongly with me, and I’m excited to invest in a frozen revolution.

Rachel Drori founded the company in 2015. It began distributing across the country last year. Drori told JWT Intelligence that “debunking myths about frozen foods is important to the Daily Harvest Brand.” Each Daily Harvest cup contains gluten-free Paleo superfoods. Working with a nutritionist and chef team, the company is experimenting with new ingredients to keep up with today’s health-conscious consumers. Drori says that the company is able to offer ingredients like camu-camu and reishi mushroom in a prepackaged, preportioned form.

Packaging, photography, and social media are all important factors in the success of a company. Drori says that the packaging of [The Daily Harvest] is clean, simple, and uncluttered. This signals to customers there’s something special about it. Instagram is the best way to communicate our differences because we eat with our eyes.

Strong Roots, a Dublin-based firm that has just begun distributing products in the UK, was founded this year. The Irish brand, founded in 2015, has experienced a growth of 1200% from year to year. Strong Roots has been able to differentiate itself by creating products that appeal to today’s health-conscious consumers. These include gluten-free, vegan options such as kale, quinoa, and spinach bites. Sam Dennigan, founder of Strong Roots, told JWT Intelligence that “in many places we’re literally outside the frozen section.” In some chains, you’ll find us on the “fresh” aisle or in the “health” section. We can also be found in the “protein” section of the store as a meal complement.

Strong Roots is also distinguished by its packaging design. Dennigan says, “We’re a design-led business. We start with our consumers and work backward. No packaging is any different. “Uncomplicated design, with a minimal, minimalist aesthetic that captures the essence of the products.”

Danish frozen bakery Jalm&B was launched last year, producing organic bread. The packaging was created by the Danish consultancy Kontrapunkt. It is elegant and minimalistic to make it stand out amongst frozen foods.

The big brands see the potential of frozen food and are turning to startups for leverage. Danone has invested in Yooji, a set organic baby food startup that already distributes its products in 600 stores across France. These products are made from 100% natural ingredients, without any salt or additives. Nestle purchased a plant-based frozen foods company, Sweet Earth, in the same month. This gave Nestle immediate access to the market for plant-based foods, which is expected to reach 5 billion dollars worldwide by 2020. Sweet Earth has a variety of international cuisines, such as Moroccan tagine and Korean japchae.

According to a recent report from Technavio, the global frozen food market will reach $311,9 billion in 2021 with a CAGR of over 6%. According to a recent report from marketing agency Acosta, firm food sales in the US have increased by 26 percent this year. Frozen food startups continue to offer consumers wholesome, convenient, and delicious meals as they seek natural, nutritious foods.

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