What is the highlight of winter at Four Winds Resort? Our potato and gorgonzola pie attracts many people. They either have had it before and come back for it, or they were told it was worth the trip. The base is olive oil, with white onion and rosemary. It also has blue cheese and potato. This is a pizza that will get people talking. A spicy chorizo pizza with a tomato base, two cheeses, and a chorizo is also popular.


What is the concept of the deli? It’s all about flexibility and casualness, so we encourage customers to grab a wooden platter from the top shelf of the deli refrigerator and create their platter with a variety of meats, cheeses, and dips. The selection changes regularly, but you might find local smoked meat from Poachers Pantry or brie cheese from Nowra Cheese.


How is it to visit? Since the building is made up of mostly glass, you can see the vines almost anywhere. The Hayshed is an outdoor space where people can sit and relax, even during winter. We welcome everyone. We have business meetings, family gatherings, and birthday parties. The casual atmosphere is very popular.


What is the Four Winds wine experience? Four wines are presented on each of the two tasting flights. One flight is usually devoted to red wine, while the other will have a mix. This is about 1.5 standard drinks. It’s a great way to taste the wine and not rush. Our signature wine is a sparkling riesling. The wine is great with pizza!


We have Riesling Gin to bring home. In addition to our wines, you can also take some of the grapes with you. The grapes from the 2020 vintage were tainted with bushfire smoke, so we decided to make the best of it and use some of them in our Riesling Gin. We recommend serving it with ice to enjoy the citrusy, floral flavors.

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