Welcome to NONHQ, the World’s First Non-alcoholic Cellar Door

The concept of “sober curiosity” has grown in recent years as many people have tried to reduce their alcohol consumption or explore healthier ways to socialize. I, for one, am increasingly curious.

As a wine enthusiast, I have often found that many non-alcoholic options don’t taste as good. In the last few years, I have tried countless alcohol-free wines but still wasn’t satisfied. While I’ve cut back on alcohol, I haven’t liked sacrificing taste or, to be honest, the social aspects of drinking wine.

A visit to a wine cellar is a great activity. !

You can now enjoy the full cellar door experience without alcohol and, more importantly, without the hangover. You ask, where is this incredible cellar door? The world’s very first non-alcoholic cellar is located in Australia.

The phrase “cellar doors” did not immediately come to mind when I entered NONHQ. The chic and clean aesthetic I expected was a far cry from the warm tones and wine barrels that I had imagined. However, the design was cleverly planned, and the interiors matched NON’s branding to a T.

Todd Vanneste, the Creative Director at Weekdays, who has also worked on design projects for the Smoking Camel (from the “Light Years” crew), Tortas and Tacos, and The Keys Leisure Centre, among others, designed the space.

NONHQ is a unique blend of a modern art showroom and distillery. You can feel the energy in the space and know immediately that NON is serious about business.

You can now book an intimate ten-person tour online. This will give you a unique insight into the process of how NONwines are created and packaged on-site at NONHQ. Nick Cozen, Innovation Brewer at NONHQ, led a ‘creating-and-cooking’ demonstration in the custom-built, sleek kitchen. Nick Cozen explained how NONproducts were made. Their goal is not to imitate the taste of wine but to recreate the experience that you get when drinking it.

NON is a master at this. Each wine was delicious, well-balanced, and, most importantly, quaffable. The wines were all delicious, and I was not disappointed at any point. My favorites were NON3 – Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu – which tasted of an Italian Summer, and NON1 – Salted Raspberry & Chamomile – a delightfully refreshing treat to the palate.

The tour was great because you got to meet the creators and learn about NON. Aaron Trotman, NON’s founder, was very open and honest about what he wanted NON to achieve and perfect.

Aaron’s vision is brilliant and pure. Aaron wants to create beautiful, tasty beverages that promote social inclusion for those who do not drink alcohol. He does this without compromising quality or taste.

NON’s commitment to sustainability is also very impressive. All products are manufactured with green energy and then shipped in a carbon-neutral manner. NON uses as many of the original ingredients as they can during processing. For any leftovers, NON takes advantage of Melbourne City Council’s green waste program. NON produces beverages with 75% less waste water than traditional beverage manufacturers. The company’s motto (which I like) is “leave it better than you found.”

You can relax knowing that whenever you feel like treating yourself to something delicious, you’re drinking a beverage that was created in Australia using 100% green energy and has been made from as many local ingredients possible… as well as being alcohol-free (there is no chance of getting a hangover). What’s not love?

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