Oporto releases new range inspired by iconic Otropo burger

A debate has raged for years about whether pineapple should be on pizza. But one fast-food giant has made a statement by launching a new range of products dedicated to the fruit.

Oporto’s Otropo Burger, featuring a chicken fillet with pineapple, bacon, cheese, lettuce, and Oporto’s creamy mayo, has been a menu staple for years.

Others consider pineapple blasphemy, but the burger chain that specializes in flame-grilled chicken and burgers has created a whole range of products inspired by burgers.

The Otropo range includes the Otropo double fillet burger, which contains an additional chicken breast. Also included in the range is the Otropo bowl, priced at $16.45, which provides a salad mix, pineapple grilled, spicy rice, and new Otropo Sauce.

A $15.95 Otropo Value Box includes a single Otropo Burger with two crispy strips and small chips. It also comes with a new Otropo Sauce, a beverage, and a $5.95 dessert of pineapple and caramel.

Three secret menu items are available only through the app and only for a short time to celebrate the launch.


The Otropo Rappa is priced at $11.95 and has many of the same ingredients as the burger. Also included are the Churros and Pineapple Dessert Pack for $6.95 and the Otropo Loaded Fries, featuring the brand’s famous hot chips, mayonnaise, and Otropo Sauce.

Oporto has long been known for its Otropo Burger, the base of the new range.

Brand manager Kristina Sutevski at Oporto said: “Our Otropo Burger has long been a popular underdog in our menu. We are excited to bring Otropo to the forefront of the range with some new, fresh additions.”

The new range brings a new level of flavor and freshness to each meal.

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