New In Vasai: Kokum Bar And Lounge Will Enthrall You With Its Signature Delights

Are you looking to have a great evening at the bar in Vasai? Do you want to enjoy tasty drinks and delicious food in this area of town? If so, Kokum Bar And Lounge can be your ideal spot for your next trip. The establishment recently opened next to Kokum restaurant near Bhabola Naka in Vasai. Just a few days ago, we could sample some of their specialties and enjoy the atmosphere of the new restaurant. It was the perfect time to spend the Saturday evening. We suggest tasting the food and drinks at this establishment:

We decided to begin with some appetizers. Although it was part of the Chakna menu category, the Palak Patta Chaat, an excellent choice in quantity and taste, was a great choice as the perfect starter. The fried palak leaves weren’t crushed; they were laid horizontally, covered with chutneys, and finished with seven. Another vegetable treat we loved was The Paneer on Fire. The dish comprises a tiny amount of rum, lit on Fire, then served over paneer tikkas on sizzler plates. Alongside adding a dramatic element, the Fire also imparted the tikka with a smoky flavor. The paneer was tender and delicious. Choosing Chicken (Tikka) On Fire in the non-vegetarian section is also possible.

The chicken starters were not going to disappoint either. We enjoyed the barbecue taste from Wings on Fire, which will become the most requested item. If you want to spice things up, You might enjoy the Moni chicken. Beware that the drumstick chicken infused with peri peri provides plenty of heat. It is only noticeable after a couple of seconds of chewing.

If you’re looking to Chakna, you will find a wide range of tasty options at Kokum. We enjoyed the Bhola Chana Lasooni pepper, which was fresh and delicious. We also loved eating the Kadyavarcha Masala salted peanuts mixed with chopped tomatoes, onions, chili powder, and Tamarind sauce. However, the one you should not skip is Ukhadlela Chana Masala, made with cooked black chana and tomatoes, onions, and other spices. It was a refreshingly delicious dish, and we devoured our entire serving!

The drink menu at Kokum offers specially crafted cocktails and mocktails in addition to the standard spirits. The first drink we tried was Isabela the cocktail, an alcoholic concoction made of vodka with lime, apple juice mint, and Macerated California grapes. It was a sweet, refreshing drink – perfect for less intense cocktails. It was a great match with our spicy food. We also enjoyed the simple taste and simplicity of Blue Nile – an amalgamation of white wine and blue curacao. Our favorite drink was its distinctive Sangria Sonora. The red wine we used was port. The drink also contained Tequila, Cointreau, black grape, and apple juice. The flavors were well-balanced, and the tartness did not seem excessively strong. We wish we had room for a second glass. If you’re looking for an alcohol-free alternative, go to Kokum Cooler. Kokum Cooler. It was a lime soda with a salty taste and the slightest hint of the Kokum. A familiar yet unique drink, this beverage had a relaxing effect, particularly after the heaviness of fried foods and alcohol.

This restaurant’s main course choices are Fried rice noodles, fried rice, Manchurian, biryani, and other Mughlai dishes. However, a different option stood out for the group: Komdi Vade. The adjoining Kokum restaurant is famous for its Malvani dishes. We chose to have this delicious delicacy in an attempt. We were left wanting more! Delicious and nutritious, the combination of freshly made and chicken curry is the ideal way to end our dinner.

The evening we spent in the Kokum Bar and Lounge in Vasai was enjoyable. It was also fascinating to observe the other customers. The new bar is already drawing an array of patrons, from couples and all-girls groups to friends and large family gatherings. There’s no space specifically to dance, but this didn’t stop people from dancing to the beats. We were also well-fed from the food and drinks, as well as enjoying the moments that were played throughout the evening.

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