Wine, Veal & a Roasting Pig at Napoleon’s St. Helena Feast

Fifty bottles of Wine. The feast included four ducks and roasting pork. French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte A document sold in Britain revealed the names of the people who lived in Napoleon’s Longwood household, including his loyal aide, General Henri Gatien Bertrand, his family, and “32 Chinese”. The entourage received 23 kilos each day of beef, veal, and lamb and 23 kilos each of venison, pork, and chicken. Mutton, You can also learn more about the following: The bread is 31 kilograms. Eggs. Besides the ducks and pigs, there were 15 bottles of milk, two turkeys, two geese, and 12 pigeons. Wine Also on the list was malt liquor. Rum and cognac. This fascinating document provides a detailed look at the quantity and quality of wine, spirits, and foods that Napoleon and his entourage consumed during their exile in St Helena. The item sold at auction for PS976 ($1487 or 1,330 euros) in Salisbury (a southern English city). The inventory, signed by Denzil Ibbetson, an artist, and a British officer who served on St. Helena on October 13, 1820, is dated. Napoleon arrived in St. Helena from Britain in October 1815. Napoleon, consumed by boredom, bitterness, and apathy, died in May 1821, aged 52—from stomach cancer.

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