Where to find the best pizza in Sydney

Pizza is among the most sought-after takeaway meals across the globe, becoming popular with nearly everybody, old and young! Given Australia as well as New South Wales being such an international location close by, It’s not a surprise that this famous Italian bread is firmly ingrained into Sydney’s culinary tradition.

There’s nothing better than eating a delicious, warm pizza with friends and family. This food is designed to be eaten using your hands, which makes the dining experience more pleasant and more casual.

Pizza is ideal for a home party where guests require food that is calorically dense and portable.

Pizza is now the ultimate delivery food that is served for office events as a convenient method to satisfy the hunger of everyone.

Where do you go to find the best pizzas in Sydney? There’s a wide range of competing family-owned restaurants along with major chain restaurants in the metropolitan area of New South Wales, each claiming to offer the best quality pizza.

We are happy to review our choices for the top pizzas in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy was launched in the year 2000 by a native Italian Chef, Sergio Checchi, who wanted to introduce the flavor of his hometown, Subiaco, to Australians. Sergio is deeply concerned about the bond between food and family and has mastered his family’s distinctive art of pizza making.

The overall vibe of Made in Italy is passionately Italian, and everything from their decor to packaging makes you feel immersed in the best in Mediterranean culture. The colors that make up the Italian flag, including green, white, and red, are prominently portrayed throughout the company aesthetic.


This is the closest restaurant to me and has pizza. They have a variety of restaurants across Sydney:

  • Alexandria
  • Annandale
  • Pyrmont
  • Rose Bay
  • Sydney CBD
  • Castle Hill

That means that if you reside in or near the metropolis, it’s fairly simple to locate a spot close enough to eating out, pickup, or delivery.

Made in Italy is a company that has a minimum shipping order of $25. However, delivery is completely free! They provide delivery to an extensive selection of Sydney suburbs.

Their menu is with delicious choices such as Gamberi, Americana, and Napoli. There are also vegetarian options like the Funghi pizza, which is filled with mushrooms.

Made in Italy also offers a selection of pasta, including Lasagne Bolognese as well as Carbonara. They also offer vegetarian versions such as Mama Mia and Pesto.

When it comes to authentic pizza experience, Made in Italy has one of the best mouth-watering experiences to offer you. The superior standard of their pizza is from their unique dough recipe and their love for authentic Italian flavors.

This chain is a perfect blend of authentic Italian comfort food with a contemporary, fresh design.

There is also a fantastic menu for kids that is affordable and includes dishes children will adore and can complete. In fact, even Aussie vegans can be accommodated by Made in Italy.

Made by Italy also offers catering services and permits you to hold events in their restaurant. For larger events, you are able to benefit from the expanded Italian menu that is available at the Pyrmont Trattoria, which will also allow customized menus, decorations, and cocktails.

If you’re looking for authentic and amazing pizza in Sydney, It’s difficult to beat Made by Made in Italy. It is possible to sign up for their VIP Club and receive free pizza for your special day!



Manoosh Pizzeria

Manoosh was born out of the love of its founder as well as owner, Charlie Hoyek, who was inspired by the Lebanese culture of Sydney. Hayek wanted to make customers content with food that is made of fresh, vibrant ingredients as well as aromatic spices.

Manoosh was born out of the tradition of Lebanese cuisine, which is infused with traditional Middle Eastern ingredients, including halloumi pickles, labneh, hummus, olives and pickles, and Zaatar.

With a fleet that includes speedy scooters that operate from locations located in Marrickville, Waterloo, and Enmore, Manoosh is prepared to deliver your delicious meals promptly. With a loyalty program only, online ordering, and a secure online ordering system, you can be confident that you’ll receive a good deal every time.

Manoosh also offers premium options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free customers. These options aren’t basic offerings; they make use of some of the most prestigious ingredients for vegans and gluten-free pizza bases.



The range of vegan products Manoosh is so well-loved that it is actually their top-selling item.

For first-time visitors to Lebanese food, try Lebanese food, try the Folded Meat Pizza (Lahembajin) and Haloumi Cheese Pie.

Manoosh caters to any kind of event, including birthdays, corporate events, and other celebrations. They have experience in preparing and delivering large-scale orders that will please a large number of customers.

With its wide selection of traditional Lebanese menu items and its fast delivery options, Manoosh is definitely one place to find the top pizza around Sydney. Their wide selection of menu items catering to dietary preferences of different kinds makes them a very appealing option for a large number of people.

Arthur’s Pizza

The mission statement of Arthur’s Pizza is to “indulge every client with a truly memorable experience.” They’ve been able to do this for more than 40 years with their high-quality food and beverages, as well as committing to providing exceptional customer service.

Arthur’s was established in the year 1970 at Charing Cross and quickly became well-known among Sydney residents due to its distinct style of pizza with ingredients that were not common in the day, such as pepperoni and mushrooms. Prior to Arthur’s, pizza was made using tomatoes, olives, cheese and.

The man who invented it, Arthur Premetis, is considered to be one of the original pizza pioneers in Sydney and says he was among the first to popularize the dish in Australia and to make use of an oven that was conveyor-based.

Arthur’s is proud of its dedication to providing the best Italian pizzas, ensuring quality and consistency without sacrificing the value of its products. This has brought Arthur extremely loyal customers who keep coming to Arthur’s every time they’re in the mood for an excellent pizza.



Arthur’s has branches located in Randwick, Paddington, Bexley, Maroubra, Rosebery and Glebe. They also offer expert food service for any celebration you might have planned for the future.

With a long history of cooking authentic Italian cuisine and an extremely loyal customer base, Arthur’s certainly is a place where you can find the most delicious pizza you can find in Sydney.

Why pizza is a must for everyone

Have you ever thought about the reasons why pizza lovers love it so often? It could be due to the flavor. However, it’s actually further than the obvious.

You’ve likely enjoyed pizza at every point of your life, including family movie nights, the birthday celebration of a friend, or just during your studies. It is among the very few meals that everyone in your life has eaten at least once.

Let’s review the top reasons why everyone loves pizza.

It’s a wonderful blend of flavors and textures.

Think about the elements that make up the enjoyment that comes with eating one slice of pizza – the warm, fluffy bread, gooey, strung-out cheese, and all the toppings. Plenty is going on, and pizza is the perfect option for those who can’t figure out which food they’d prefer to eat.

It’s incredibly adaptable.

Another reason pizza has become so well-loved is the sheer potential it can offer as a meal. The basic pizza base functions like a canvas for artists, which allows you to mix and match an almost unlimited number of flavors.

That means that regardless of what your preferences are, you will find an item that is right for your preferences. BBQ enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the variety of pizzas based on meat with seafood, and vegetable lovers can also be well-catered for.

There are plenty of dessert pizzas to choose from, including the traditional Nutella pizza, which is served with slices of banana and strawberry and a scoop of Ice cream. If it’s rectangular and cut into pieces, you could pretty much make it a pizza.

It’s easy and convenient.

If you choose pizza to eat, there’s virtually no chance you’ll leave feeling disappointed and wanting to purchase more. Pizza is a very filling meal that most people won’t be able to finish, giving them delicious leftovers to heat up later in the day.

Microwaving leftover pizza is regarded as an integral part of eating it. This is why a lot of customers aren’t hesitant to order too much when they purchase pizza because they’re hoping to find room in the refrigerator.

It’s possible to eat pizza for dinner and be left with leftovers to eat for breakfast or lunch the following day. Some people may even prefer a pizza that has been cooked in the microwave!

There is no need to wash!

One of the most appealing advantages of pizza is that it’s in a cardboard box that can be used to transport or served out of. The food is consumed by the slice, which means that you use your hands to grab it and place it in their mouths.

This means that there’s no need to cook with any cutting or tableware, which means you don’t have to worry about dishes to wash afterward. This is definitely popular with people who’ve been through a tough week at work and would like to have something simple and tasty on an evening on Friday.

It’s a great way to bring people closer.

Still searching for the ‘best pizza near me’? Pizza is the ultimate meal shared by a group and is a staple of catering for events. It is so frequently consumed that some have never eaten it on their own before.

Since it’s cut into pieces, it implies the fact that more than one will want to eat the same meal together. In reality, it’s unusual to take a whole pizza for them.

When a group is debating about what to serve for dinner, the person who suggests pizza will usually end up being the one who decides. In this way, pizza is a jack of all trades that appeals to all equally rather than very appealing to one particular segment of the market.

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