What Food Did You Want To Like But Couldn’t? Reddit Thread Will Surprise You

There are foods that we adore and swear by. However many times we’ve eaten these items, we swoon once we come across them. But, it’s not a secret that there are some food items that our family members and friends have tried to convince us to try and failed. We haven’t even tried to like them, but have we? But, we don’t seem to love them regardless of the reason. This morning, a similar debate was started on Reddit when a user inquired what food is something you “want” to like, have tried to love, but did not.

The user’s favorite came down to cream cheese and wontons noting that everything about them is screaming, “I should love this!”. He stated that he’s had it several times, revisiting them to determine whether his tastes are different. “Every time I just… really don’t like them. Have you experienced this with any foods?”

Many others also expressed their opinions and discussed food. Many others commented and discussed the foods they tried to eat but could not be able to accept.

Reddit user, OhNoIamAFailure declared it to be “eggplant.” I don’t like the texture of the cooked egg,” said the user, “I don’t know how people like the taste. “.

A different user would prefer something other than leaves or kale, or cabbage. “It is a taste of branches and leaves to me. It’s odd, but I adore the other kinds of plants,” claimed the person who goes by the bobcottle.

The following is a surprise to you. Brokensixstring, the user who posted this, replied, ” Mushrooms,” and added, “I love the flavour but usually hate the texture.”

Score_ believes it’s raisins. “They’re gross on their own and they ruin anything you add them to,” wrote the user.

The following user commented on something you could find shocking. “Brussel sprouts,” said Dfreinc. He added, “I don’t require any recipes. I’ve tried everything, and I cook very well. They look gorgeous when they’re all cooked. It’s a pity that I don’t enjoy these. I go back to them every few years, hoping that my taste buds have changed and something”.

There was also this user named ADogNamedChuck who did not like “Blue Cheese” despite giving it a go at times. “Every every once in awhile I’ll decide I’ll give it another go to test whether my taste senses have changed. But no,” wrote the user.

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