The restaurant uses home-grown apples, cherries, persimmons and truffles. Meanwhile, the smokehouse on site makes small goods from the vineyard and orchard trimmings. What’s on the Menu?

What are the highlights of your menus?

We cook in a country style and with a lot of heart. We smoke, ferment, and cook on the BBQ a lot. Hanger steaks cooked on a mixture of cherry wood and charcoal are a dish that is going down well. It’s served with pickled pumpkin and roasted beetroot purée. We season the pumpkin using the powder made from the trimmings of the beetroot and native pepper. The pumpkin and pickle are sweet, while the beetroot is earthy and charred.

What are some ways to use fermented foods?

We make a pork-neck entree that has some fermented ingredients. The pork is marinated in Koji, which is a Japanese fermentation that’s used to make sake. The meat is cooked sous vide and then glazed with honey, chicken jus, and sake. It’s then barbecued to get the amazing umami and salty flavors. We also serve it with fermented rhubarb, nasturtiums from our garden, and deep-fried potato strips for crunch.

Truffles are a rare treat to find on an estate. What can you do with them then?

We offer truffle butter, honey, and truffle salt in our restaurant. We also grate fresh truffles over dishes that go well with truffles. The truffles are great with our braised wild rabbit and pork neck. They’re also great for desserts. We have a really tasty salted caramel ice cream with truffles that we serve with our cheesecake.

Tell us more about the cheesecake.

Our warm Basque cheesecake is the current star. It has a base of ginger biscuits and homemade ricotta. A persimmon and Italian meringue sorbet is also on the menu, using an old heritage persimmon variety that we grow.

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