#NewMenuAlert: Don’t Miss Guppy’s Hanami Inspired Menu This May

Relaxing under a Cherry Blossom tree and gazing at the delicate pink blossoms that cover miles could be delightful during spring in Japan. This is precisely what many Japanese are doing from April through May. The Hanami (or Cherry Blossom viewing) is a popular event in Tokyo and its cities where people gather with food and drinks solely to take in the beautiful sakura and express gratitude to nature for all the blessings it has given us. The custom of Hanami is also deeply embedded in Japanese tradition; it is a part of the Buddhist philosophy of Mindfulness, which encourages people to live in the moment. The beauty of the blossoms is only a couple of weeks and is an opportunity to appreciate the present moment before you and not worry about the past or the future. It is among the most significant dates on the Japanese calendar. Delicious food is a substantial element of the celebrations. Friends and families gather outdoors to picnic and delight in the blossoming Cherry Blossom trees.

Although the odds of spotting a flowering Cherry Blossom tree in Delhi are low however, Chef Vikram Khatri and Saurabh Sharan of Guppy in Delhi Guppy keep the spirit of Hanami alive with an excellent menu specifically designed to be enjoyed during the most beautiful season.

Guppy’s #HowToHanami event is happening now for a short time, with a Hanami-inspired menu available through this month in May.

The menu is well-constructed and provides Guppy’s traditional menu items and some innovative dishes specially created for the festival.

A delicious appetizer can transform the dining experience. Guppy’s #HowToHanami event, the appetizers make an ideal appetizer for the explosion of flavors that will follow. Our top choices are Pork Shumai (steamed pork dumplings), Tuna Tataki (thin slices of tuna topped with braised onions, served with a ponzu-based sauce) as well as Hiyayako chili Tofu (silken tofu made with sesame and citrus soy).

Kale Goma-aeThe Rice and Ramen bowls – popular these days – could be your preferred main course when you’re already feeling full! This Sudori Chicken Rice Bowl and the Hiyashi Tanuki Soba are worth a visit.

As Guppy transforms into the Hanami color this month, explore the extensive menu with excellent cocktails from the mixologist Nishant. One of the great things about Japanese foods is that they’re not too heavy on the stomach; they’re easy to explore and try. We did just that and were completely blown over by the clean, fresh tastes and the vast range of options available.

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