Mad Mex to give away 80,000 burritos – but there is a catch

One of Australia’s largest Mexican food chains issued a massive challenge, which could result in 80,000 burritos being given away.

Mad Mex is offering 80,000 burritos for all entrants if they break the wheelchair record of a male, female, or elite at City2Surf this Sunday.

Clovis Young, the founder of Mad Mex, said: “Our motto is ‘fresh food for life.’ We’re about healthy, delicious food that can help people tackle whatever they face.

We’re both throwing the gauntlet down and showing our support for outstanding performances on the line. We’ll pay if a record is broken on Sunday.

Steve Moneghetti set the current record for men in 1991, which is 40 minutes and 3 seconds. Susie Power set the record for women in 2001, with 45 minutes and 8 seconds.

Kurt Fearnley’s 2016 record for the elite wheelchair time is the latest to be beaten.

Fearnley is 33 minutes and 22 seconds behind.

The big race is held every year just around the corner from the Mad Mex restaurant on Crown Street, which opened in 2007 and was the first Mad Mex to open in Australia.

Mad Mex has opened more than 70 restaurants in Australia and New Zealand since its first store was opened 16 years ago.

Mad Mex offers a free burrito if anyone beats any of the three records. The offer is meant to highlight the belief of the chain that fast food can be improved.

The restaurant’s simple food is said to be the perfect fuel for pre-and post-workout.

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