Kmart pulls product from shelves after shocking Hamas blunder

Kmart was forced to remove one of their Christmas products after a backlash from the Jewish Community.

The Australian Jewish Association was not happy with the $4 “ham bag” used by the store to store ham. It had the caption “Merry Hammas”.

Hamas, the terrorist organization that invaded Israel in October 2007, killing more than 1400 Palestinians and taking 240 as hostages. This war has led to the death of over 10,000 Palestinians.

The Australian Jewish Association took to X Wednesday and said: “Check the special Christmas bag that is currently available through Kmart’s online store. Yes, it’s real! !”

Kmart has removed the product from their shelves.

Although this could be funny (the AJA Committee has made some non-PC jokes), it’s not a good idea.

We suspect that a product manager could cause some embarrassment to the company. We’ve written politely to Wesfarmers Corporate suggesting that the product be withdrawn.”

The association received a second tweet an hour later confirming that the senior management had called the association and informed them the bag was gone.

David Adler, President of the Australian Jewish Association and West Australian , acknowledged in an interview with the West Australian that the reference to Hamas wasn’t intentional.

He then asked the store to remove it.

“It is not normal, people will lie and harass the Jewish Community,” said Dr Adler.

“Of Course, there are larger issues to address, dealing with actual terrorism is essential, but we also have to deal with propaganda.

I want to thank Kmart’s management for their quick response.

Wesfarmers confirmed that the bag was removed, stating that the store had “made a mistake”.

The spokesperson stated, “We made a mistake on this occasion and we apologize without reservation.”

The product was removed from the market because we didn’t consider all the possible consequences when designing it.

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