Handle Your Love Handles With Care! 5 Desi Drinks To Burn Belly Fat

It is challenging to lose belly fat. Here are some desi drinks that can help you reduce belly fat.

What does it feel like when you can’t fit into your favorite jeans, even after working hard? You must feel so disappointed, right? You can blame the stubborn belly fat for our inability to lose weight. You must also realize that the extra weight around your stomach is the hardest to lose. This is why you should put in extra effort. You should also keep an eye on your morning diet. Experts say that our metabolism is most active during the morning, maximizing all nutrients’ benefits. We always choose a healthy morning routine to lose weight and burn fat more quickly.

You don’t need to put in much effort to maintain a healthy morning routine. You have to eat the right food at the right time and quantity to start your day. To achieve this, you only need to plan and prepare appropriately. That’s it. We present to you today some of the most commonly consumed desi beverages, which can also help to burn abdominal fat. Add them to your breakfast, and you will see the results naturally. This sounds like a good plan. Check out the drinks now.

5 Desi drinks that may help burn belly fat too:

Haldi Chai

You can’t start the day without tea, can you? We need it to wake up and get going in the morning. If you look closely, you’ll find that people prefer chai. Some people like their chai with milk, and others like it black. Some people prefer the herbal and spice decaffeinated teas. This herbal tea is made from the versatile turmeric (haldi), which can also help you lose weight. For the recipe, 


To quench our thirst, we love to drink chaos. Did you know that it is also great for weight loss? Chaas contains yogurt, which is a source of probiotics and protein. This helps to speed up metabolism, melting fat around the abdomen. For some of our favorite chat recipes, 

Nimbu Pani

This is the most popular summer drink. This drink is cooling, hydrating, and easy to make at home. We’ll give you another reason to drink gallons of this nimbu-pani–it helps with weight loss! Lemons are a good source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. They help to detoxify the body and improve digestion. All of these factors work together to speed up weight loss. Click to see three popular ways of preparing nimbu Pani.

Sattu Sherbet

Try status Sherbet if you’re looking for a lighter breakfast while on a diet. This perfect summer dish is made from sattu, roasted, ground Bengal Gram. It contains enough protein, fiber, and essential minerals to prevent untimely hunger pangs. Fibre helps to break down nutrients and get the most out of them without putting on extra weight. For the recipe, 

Nariyal Pani

Nariyal pani, the most popular coconut water in stores, contains bioactive enzymes that help balance water levels and improve metabolism. They also help muscles burn calories faster, which accelerates the weight-loss process. Nariyal pani can be consumed as it is, or you can make it into various drinks. Click to see a recipe for a coconut water drink that is perfect for summer.

These desi drinks will help you burn stubborn belly fat.

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