Frites, Chips, And More: French Fries Around The World

Few side dishes are considered to be essentials all over the world. Of these, they aren’t as well-loved as French fries.

Friteschipssalchipapas–the list of names for fries is extensive; however, regardless of what they’re called, the variations of fries that are fried are available on menus of restaurants on nearly every continent. The summer months are a great time to get something about words that refer to deep-fried potatoes.

French fry

The most popular name for potatoes fried within the US is French fry; however, it could also be employed as a noun or an adjective, for instance, in “French-fried onion rings.” The initial source of inspiration may be in the name French, but it’s more complicated than the other options.

French fry is a type of Americanism that has roots dating back to the year 1925-29. The precise origins are a mystery; however, a common tale is that people living in the small Belgian town cooked portions of potatoes in the late 1600s after the river had frozen and they could not catch seafood to cook. In World War I, American soldiers from the region encountered the fries and referred to them as French fries since the people in the area were French. This naturally makes them Belgian fries instead of French fries; however, in Belgium, they’re referred to as frieten (Dutch) or frites(French) and consumed with mayonnaise.


A popular method of eating fries throughout Canada (as well as other parts of the northern US) is dressed up in poutine. It is a dish that originates from France’s province of Quebec; however, the exact source of the term poutine isn’t clear. It is sometimes believed to be a slang term meaning “mess” (though probably related to or influenced by pudding).

It’s a mouthwatering mess, that is, even though it’s normal to take a bite of poutine using small forks instead of using it as finger food. The hearty dish is prepared by frying pieces of potato, which are then garnished with cheddar curds (fresh, unaged cheese) along with gravy and tomato-based sauce.

masala chips

For Kenya, masala chips take inspiration from Western-style fries, as well as traditional spices originating from India. They are also a source of spice from India. Chips are a part of the name that originates from the British word meaning fries. When fries are prepared, they’re sprayed and then cooked using garam masala (or simply masala) (or just masala), which is a blend of ground spices, including cardamom, black pepper cloves, and cinnamon, along with nutmeg, turmeric, and coriander. They’re not your crisp fries you’re used to eating with a hamburger. Instead, this crunchy masala chip is best enjoyed with a fork, just as you would eat chili cheese fries. They come with an extra large portion of chili cheese.

 French fries emoji

Sometimes, writing out French fries isn’t enough. This is why this French fries Emoji can come to help. It features fries in an ice cream container, which is similar to the way French fries are typically served in fast food restaurants (in fact, the red and yellow packaging resembles McDonald’s). Unicode is the organization responsible for emojis. It introduced an emoji of French fries Emoji in the Unicode 6.0 update in 2010. Different platforms offer slight variations of the Emoji. Apple features a smiley face on its carton, for instance, while WhatsApp includes a phone with the form of a speech box on its carton, and the fries tilt towards the right.


In the US, The word chip (at the very least in relation to something related to tater) typically refers to crisp, thin slices of potato that have been seasoned. For the UK as well as Ireland, chips are fries. They’re not the only distinction, however. Chips generally are thicker than the thin slices of potatoes, which are served along with fast food across North America. In the eyes of those living in the US, These chips, usually served with chips and fish, look similar to steak fries. In spite of the variations, the name fits the chips. The term “chip” is a good one. The chip may be a small slice or even a tiny chunk of food, like chocolate chips, for instance. Use the same definition for little pieces of potatoes, and you’ll have it.

pommes frites

The French aren’t very keen on calling their fries French fries. Instead, they’re known as pommes frites or, perhaps, frites. In French, referred to as pommes de terre (or “apples of the earth”), and cooked are called free. Also, just as Americans cut down French fries to fries, French speakers shorten pommes frites to frites. Frites are also featured when you order food in the US for thicker-cut fries made in French or Belgian style. French and Belgian style. They are sometimes referred to as “steak fries” as well as steak frites–essentially larger pieces of fries that are identical to British chips. In terms of pronunciation, the “S” remains silent when it is spoken in French; however, it is commonly used by the word “steak fries” in American English to specify the plural.

patatas bravas

Spain fryes their potatoes in a distinct way as opposed to the wedges, shoestrings, and rectangles that Americans in the US use. The traditional form of potatoes fried in Spain is served in tiny cubes. It’s known as patatas bravas, which translates to spicy potatoes. The tubers themselves don’t have any spice. However, the tomato-based condiment that is topped with smoking paprika (no mayonnaise or ketchup here) provides the kick. It’s a classic among the numerous tasty tapas offered across the nation.


This Peruvian recipe for French fries also adds sausage to the mix. Salchipapas Salchipapas is a portmanteau for salchicha, the Spanish term meaning the sausage ( salchicha) and potatoes ( papas). It is done about the same thickness as potatoes, and then mixed with the potatoes, then served along with a sauce for dipping similar to a hot aji sauce ( aji means chili in Spanish).

moules frites

Since Belgium is the birthplace of the first French fries, it’s appropriate that a meal featuring fries as the main ingredient is considered to be one of Belgium’s national food items. Moules frites are mussels ( moules in French) which are served with frites ( frites). Cream parsley, cream, and white wine provide the flavor of mussels, and fries are a great way to absorb the juice and add a bit of crunch to the otherwise bland dish.


After you’ve delved into the many methods people use to make French fries from all over the globe, Test your knowledge by taking our quiz covering all things fries that are fried. Do you need to go over the words first? Visit our mouthwatering words list, including digital flashcards, as well as an exam on spelling.

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