Family horrified to discover what’s lurking in bag of spinach

The shocking discovery was made by a family of Americans when they opened a supermarket bag of spinach.

The New York Post reported that when the Worrick family from Michigan opened a bag of organic baby spinach, which was labeled as “triple-washed,” they discovered a live, small frog nestled between the leaves.

Amber Worrick, WJBK TV, said: “My daughter screamed; she was saying, ‘Oh, my God, it is a frog,’ and I was thinking, ‘What’?

Thank God that I didn’t eat a frog.

She found the animal, which was a Pacific Tree Frog native to California, camouflaged within the leafy vegetables and still moving.

Ms Worrick bought the package of Earthbound Farms Organic Spinach from Meijer in Southfield, Michigan. She didn’t notice any unusual things about it.

She said, “I didn’t hear anything and didn’t feel any weight.” “I didn’t see anything moving.”

She returned the spinach and got a refund. The employees also relocated the frog.

Earthbound Farms parent company Taylor Farms sent an apology for the mistake.

Ms Worrick, however, is still unsure of what could have happened.

She said, “On the packaging, it says that you should wash your clothes three times, or triple-wash them.”

“I don’t think it washed, or they would have caught an entire live frog.”

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