Expert gastronomes

During the pandemic, people spent time exploring, experimenting, and understanding the food they consumed. Now, aspiring gourmets are expanding their knowledge of teas and wines in extraordinary, nuanced ways.

The Genesis House Restaurant, located in Manhattan, offers guests the chance to learn from an expert Korean tea master. On Saturdays or Sundays, at 1 pm, guests will learn the etiquette for darye, a Korean tea ceremony. They can also sample teas and snacks. Ashley Lim, a tea master resident, hosts these sessions in the new tea pavilion of the restaurant.

Ferran Adria will publish over 20 books that cover in-depth analyses of various concepts of gastronomy. El Bulli Foundation is his organization. It publishes a series of encyclopedias in the context of the Bullipedia Project: volumes of essays, surveys, and other culinary-related material.

These two volumes, which are now available in America, include information on wine, including its history, categorizations, classifications, production, and evolution. These giant encyclopedias are a great resource for gastronomists who want to learn more about the world of food.

Apple TV+’s “Drops of God,” a series about wine creation and tasting, reveals the intensity of both. The fictional series is about a daughter inheriting her father’s multimillion-dollar wine collection. Camille, a daughter of the deceased father, and Issei, his esteemed protégé, are tasked to identify a wine that he left as a test. Camille is forced to learn about wine tasting and making while the story unfolds.

The Intelligence Take

The best way to improve your gastronomic knowledge is to ask professionals for advice. Skintellectuals discovered which ingredients were best for their skin, while gastronomes learned from professionals to improve their etiquette and understand their favorite beverage.


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