Every Type of Quartz Banger Nail & How To Use Them

In a dab-rig, a dab nail can be used to vaporize cannabis dabs (also known as extracts) in order to create vapor. The best nails tend to be made from quartz that has been heated up using a torch. The nail (also known as a “banger” or bowl) slides into the stem and can be exchanged with other types of nails. A single dab-rig can provide different dabbing experiences depending on the nail used.

The user uses a dab-rig by heating the quartz banger using a torch. They then place a small amount cannabis concentrate onto the nail. The user inhales vapor from the dab rig mouthpiece as the concentrate vaporizes.

The nail is heated between 450 degrees and 600 degree Fahrenheit depending on the type and concentration of the concentrate used, and the preference of the user.

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Dab nails are made of titanium, ceramics or quartz. Quartz is the best choice because it is durable, heat-resistant, does not impart a taste to the dab and is easy to maintain. Quartz is resistant to damage from repeated exposure to heat.

There are many different types of quartz dab nail to choose from. Take a look at some of the types of quartz nails.

There are many types of quartz dab nails

Flat Top

Flat Top nails are the most common profile for quartz nails and standard for bangers. The flat top nail comes in a variety of variations that offer a mix of function and form due to its higher quartz wall. The flat top nail will also create a good airtight seal when used with the carburetor cap.

Vape Mate – Every type of Quartz dab nail and how to use them
The flat top nails work with virtually all carb caps and are great for dabbing of any size. These bangers are also free of flaws.

Thermal Heating

Thermal bangers have an additional chamber in the middle of the glass. The chamber inside helps to facilitate better heat transfers, leading to better airflow which enhances dabbing. Some thermal bangers have carb caps that keep smoke inside. Dual wall design prevents oil from slipping into neck and joints. The thermal quartz bangers prevent oil spills.


The Core banger is also known as a Core Reactor and has a thicker bucket bottom, in addition to an additional “puck” made of quartz. The banger’s name comes from this little puck. This core reactor improves the vaporization and heat retention of cannabis extracts. The concentrates come into contact with heated quartz, which will encourage a smooth and complete vaporization.

Vape Mate – Every type of QUARTZ DAB NAIL and how to use them
The core of the dish in the base can cause problems when you use cotton swabs for cleaning the quartz banger nz.

Terp Slurp

Terp Slurps quartz bangers are unlike anything on the market. The design allows your extracts drip and vaporize into the bottom dish to deliver the best possible flavor. The bottom dish is equipped with airflow slits that push your rosin into the main portion of the banger to improve circulation. These bangers are even more effective when you add a few terp-pearls.

You can load the rosin in the bottom dish and let the design of your nail do the rest. Then wait for 30 seconds and torch the bottom of your dish. Add a carbo cap and dab rosin. Cotton swabs will work for cleaning Terp Slurpers but not a thorough clean. To get the best cleaning, soak them in isopropyl overnight. After cleaning, rinse the nail thoroughly with clean water.

Channel Slurp

The Channel Slurp works on the same principle as the Terp Slurp. The main difference between the two is that the disc on the bottom of bucket has ridges which form channels leading back to the main banger. These channels allow the rosin to flow into the bucket, where it is vaporized.

Vape Mate – Every type of QUARTZ DAB Nail and how to use them
Channel Slurp is a great way to add Terp Pearls.

Round Bottom

Round bottom bangers are just what they sound like – the bottom of the bucket has a rounded shape. This design has the main advantage of reducing the amount of rosin wasted, since the concentrate is forced into the center of the rounded base. The rosin is kept inside the chamber where it can vaporize. It will reduce the amount of wasted dabs as it prevents oil from running down your rig’s neck.

Opaque Bottom

Opaque bottom bangers have a layer of quartz that is opaque at the bottom, but not as transparent as the rest of it. The opaque quartz, which is cloudy in appearance, can heat up faster and retain heat for longer than clear quartz. This is a great advantage for heating the bottom of a banger to dab.

Vape Mate – Every type of QUARTZ DAB nail and how to use them
Opaque Bottom Bangers are made by manufacturers who inject air into the quartz as they form it.

The conclusion of the article is:

Quartz is the best material to use for dab rigs, bangers, and titanium nails. You can’t go astray if you stick with quartz. Different styles of quartz bangers can offer a variety in dabbing experiences depending on your goals.

There are many ways to dab using the same rig. From the Flat Top bangers, which are very simple, to Core Reactors, which help retain heat, and Terp Slurps, that increase air circulation as your dabs vaporize completely, you can enjoy several different methods. You’ll have plenty of options if you keep one of each kind of quartz nail on hand.

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