Effective Ways To Remove 5 Common Food Stains: Ketchup, Turmeric, Coffee And More

Some foods and beverages can leave nasty marks on your clothes. Here are some proven methods for removing stains.

Food stains can be an actual irritation. It’s impossible to enjoy a meal if you spill food on your clothes. It’s even worse if it’s an expensive or new outfit. It may not be your fault. It is not easy to remove food stains. You may need to act fast to avoid permanent stains. Sometimes, you must wait for the stain to dry before serving. Do you know how to remove common food stains from your clothes? We’ve compiled a list of helpful techniques to remove stains from foods and beverages. Here’s a quick guide.

How to remove common food stains

Tomato sauce/ Ketchup

You may find tomato-based stains on your burgers, spaghetti, tacos, or salsa. Red colors can also look suspicious and resemble blood. This is never a good thing. Remove any semi-solid residues on the surface of your clothing to remove tomato sauce. Use a spoon or a scraper to remove them. Next, blot with a damp cloth the stained area. Soak the item of clothing in cold water for five minutes. With a toothbrush, scrape off the stain with laundry detergent. Then, rinse the stained area and wash the whole garment in warm soapy water.


Turmeric stains are incredibly stubborn. You may need to wash your garment several times before removing the paint. If you have a color from turmeric powder, remove the excess powder. Then rub liquid detergent gently onto the affected area. Then, wash it with plain water. Removing an oil stain, such as one from the curry, may be more challenging. You can use lime juice as a bleaching agent. To begin, blot up the stain using a clean towel. After 15-20 minutes, squeeze a few drops on it and wash with cold water. You can also use a solution made by mixing white vinegar with dishwashing liquid at a ratio 2:1 and soaking the affected area in this solution. After about 30 minutes, rinse with cold water.


We can be so busy with work that we knock our coffee or tea mugs over. Don’t worry. Your expensive formal clothes aren’t ruined forever. You are lucky if it’s a coffee stain. There are three quick fixes: shampoo, soda water, and lemon juice. You can use club soda as a blotting agent for the first method. The stain will gradually disappear. The second method is to soak a cloth in lemon and then use it to wipe the stain. Use a mild shampoo mixed with water to remove the stain.


Tea stains require more work. Baking soda works well to remove stains due to its absorbent properties. Baking soda should be layered thickly on the color to cover it completely. It will absorb the liquid if you lightly dab it. The baking soda should be on the top of the garment. You can either leave it overnight or wash it after a few minutes. Use vinegar in a spray to remove tea stains.


This drink is easily spilled and can cause severe damage to your clothing. White vinegar is one way to remove wine stains. This liquid is especially effective against pigments that are red or purple. Cover the color in white vinegar, dab on liquid detergent, and wash it with hot water. Use salt instead of vinegar if you don’t own any. To remove excess liquid, dab the cloth lightly with a dry one. Isolate the wine stain using the stained fabric. Pull the fabric taut and place it over the mouth of the bowl or glass. Salt the wine stain, and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Pour boiling water slowly over the area covered with salt from 6-8 inches up. The clothes can be washed in warm water later. Salt is beneficial for thicker fabrics.

Check the labels of your clothing before using any of these methods. Avoid using concentrated stain removal products on delicate fabrics such as silk. Professional laundries are the best option.


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