Domino’s Australia drops eight new menu items

Eight new pizza items are being introduced by one of Australia’s largest pizza chains to try and keep up with rising costs of living.

Starting on August 14, Domino’s Australia will release six new pizzas and two new pastas in its More Range.

The Lot is a pizza with 15 toppings, including pepperoni and pineapple, as well as ground beef, Italian sausage, smoked ham, bacon, capsicum, and onions.

Pizzas are $12 if you buy them in-store. They’re topped with garlic butter, oregano, and chili.

Allan Collins is the chief marketing officer at Domino’s ANZ. He said that 2023 would be a memorable year for many Australians. It was the year when their mortgages skyrocketed.

The More Range elevates the pizzas that our customers love with six new options and two new pastas. They get more value and choice at a time when they most need it.

This is our largest menu refresh since 2020, and we are thrilled to bring more to pizza fans across Australia.

Each of these new items will be made with Australian-sourced and grown ingredients in line with Domino’s commitment towards supporting local.

The new additions to the menu include a four-cheese pizza, a butter chicken pizza, and a spicy lovers pizza.

The Lot Pasta is a pasta that has many of the same ingredients found in the pizza version but with the addition of penne and Napoli sauce.

Buffalo chicken and bacon is another option. It features a Frank’s Hot Sauce with chicken, bacon, red onions, capsicum, and mozzarella, topped with a garlic parmesan sauce.

The Lot pizzas are free for the first week after launch if customers can recite an off-by-heart rhyme that is available on Domino’s page.

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