Delectable Food And Drinks Meet Soulful Jazz Music At The Piano Man

Piano Man Piano Man has carved a niche, unlike any other restaurant in the Delhi-NCR region. Arjun Sagar Gupta conceived the idea; the restaurant has brought many of the most well-known jazz artists from around the globe. People who frequent the restaurant be awed by the lively ambiance, with live performances scheduled every evening. In The Piano Man, music is handled with the highest sincerity, which is why it’s become a destination for those who love music. However, according to our research, the place scored highly even in the dining and drinking department! We recently went to The Piano Man Delhi for an evening of delectable food, exquisitely crafted cocktails, and soulful jazz tunes.

The menu ranges from Asian to Italian, from European to finger food. From Italian to continental, finger food to continental – The Piano Man blends the best of different cuisines. The meal started by enjoying their Dim Sums, including Peanut and vegetable Dim Sums along with Dim Sums of Shiitake, Shimeji Mushroom, and Water Chestnut Dim Sum, which was perfectly cooked. The latter was soft and creamy; the first was slightly spicy. It was delicious. Stuffed Mushrooms with Nonya Sauce are delicious and full of cheese inside. The dish was garnished with edible flowers and microgreens to create an Instagram-worthy dish. Our appetizers were paired with the most fantastic whisky Sour cocktail and a Ginger Fuzz mocktail. Ginger Fuzz mocktail. The drinks were both thoughtfully crafted and balanced.

After much debate regarding the main course after which we ate, we opted for after much deliberation; we tried the Teriyaki Tofu Bao served with salad, fresh green apples, and spicy cheese dip. It was delicious. Bao is exceptionally soft, and the filling could have been more spicy. It was delicious. Burmese Khao Suey in the central course portion was quite tasty and contained the crunch of fried onions and peanuts with a punch of comforting flavors. We also had the vegetables Peri Peri Pizza, which had a deliciously saucy taste. The base was just the perfect amount of chewiness while not collapsing. A balance that can be difficult to attain.

Last, I recommend you try the homemade churros from Piano Man. This crisp Spanish dessert was served with caramel sauce and dark chocolate. While the Churros were slightly thicker than we prefer, they were still delicious!

For a final treat, a trip to the Piano Man is essential for those who love live music, with the addition of delicious food. The perfect combination of drinks, food, and music guarantees a memorable and unforgettable night.

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