CES 2016: IoT and chill

Two of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world are promoting smart refrigerators at CES, indicating a renewed interest in Internet of Things devices.

LG has announced a new fridge, which is part of the Signature product line. The door opens when the user places their foot near a sensor. LG claims that the device is able to distinguish between the foot of a person and one belonging to a dog, baby, or child.

The user can also knock on the transparent door to reveal the contents of the fridge via the interior light. This could save energy and effort. This feature enables a curious child or a hungry parent to check the contents of a refrigerator without opening it.

Samsung has also unveiled its new Family Hub fridge, which includes a large touchscreen integrated into the door. The product combines with a new service called.

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The service will initially integrate with Fresh Direct and ShopRite, but it will expand to other merchants in 2016. The service will be expanded to include other merchants by 2016.

MasterCard believes that the new service aligns with changing consumer expectations as more devices are used for retail. Betty DeVita is the chief commercial officer of MasterCard Labs. She said that in a world with every device connected to the internet, from the phone to the refrigerator, consumers’ interactions and transactions are changing. “We are continuing to remove the barriers between how we buy and pay.”

The Family Hub, like the Prizm player, adapts its suggestions based on the information it collects about the user. We’re used to hearing about personalized tips in streaming video and music, but this device suggests these recommendations will be more common across all aspects of our lives.

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