Bored of sushi, salads and sandwiches? Try these fun catering ideas

Planning for a party can be stressful. You must think about what you’ll wear, who to invite, venue lighting, entertainment, and impressing your boss, avoid Janet or making the conversation interesting – and then, of course, the food. Actually, the food is often the most stressful aspect, right? What if it’s not good? Imagine a room filled with thirsty people. Life is over.

Yes, you can avail caterers, But what is the most frequent time you’ve gone to an event only to be served the same food that was catered? It’s good, and you’ve probably seen it again and time again. You’ve seen them: the sushi plates, salt and pepper calamari, or boring crisp bread with a kind of salmon and spread outfit. It’s not exciting.

These are the food items at the top of the scale for catering. The boring sandwiches that are cut into interesting triangles – no, thank you. Sausage rolls are too 90s and unhealthy, and aside from that, isn’t everyone eating a diet that is vegetarian or coeliac these times?


It’s not a secret that the poke trend has been one of the most talked about food trends in the past two years in Sydney at least. Poke (pronounced pokay) al, also known as Poke Bowls, is akin to an unmixed sushi salad that originated in Hawaii in the most unlikely of places. In the past, fishermen would make salads with their catch leftovers. These are the pieces that the name Poke comes from.

Indeed, they weren’t buying $40 for a kilo of Ora King Salmon out of New Zealand, but they have made a dish that’s become a hit all over the globe. It’s a huge hit in cities such as New York and LA.

What’s wonderful about them is that they’re easy, healthy, and high-impact. Poke bowls are always colorful, vibrant, and full of color. They’re gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Remove the fish and include marinated tofu, e.g., plant, or almost any other protein that is vegan-friendly.

Famous fish restauranteurs Salmon & Bear are the first source of poke in Sydney and are now offering poke catering for your occasions. Poke catering is a good fit for a variety of boxes: healthy and delicious, trendy gluten-free, and pescetarian/vegetarian.



Mobile Pizza

Are you unsure about using raw fish? Are you just not interested in being healthy? Take a look at the food that everyone loves: pizza but with an added twist of entertainment.

I don’t like pizza. Said no one ever. Pizza is loved by everyone, especially at parties. It’s simple, delicious, tasty, and the ultimate food for a party. However, there’s nothing fun about ordering pizza online and having to wait an hour to receive cold, spongy pizzas.



Then there’s the matter of what you should order. What do you like? Do you know how many people who are vegetarians are out there? Who doesn’t love olives (that is me!)? Do you think it is possible to cut them into squares instead of slices?

Mobile Pizza Caterers, The Pizza Chefs, bring the pizza party. They’ve got a portable pizza oven, set up the food and toppings in front of guests, and prepared everything from scratch in complete view. They manage everything and even take care of cleaning up.

It’s a great method to keep your guests entertained while you finish other aspects of your agenda. Participants are encouraged to master the art of spinning dough (make sure that you have a high ceiling) and then top their pizzas using various ingredients set out on the table at the front.

This is particularly great, especially if you have children. Kids love playing with their hands, making dough, and then spinning it. From this angle, it’s an excellent photography opportunity as well.

Amazingly, the pizza oven can be utilized indoors with just a bit of ventilation so that the room will be filled with the amazing scents from freshly cooked pizza.

There you go. Two fantastic catering options for your next gathering. If you’re planning a celebration and you’re planning to eat, food will be the least aspect to be concerned about.

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