One kneeling on stage

This performance is sure to get you a standing ovation. Opera Australia’s A Not So Modest Request allows brave askers to bring their questions alive on stage at the Sydney Opera House. You’ll be invited to the stage during the halftime break to ask questions in front of an audience ready to erupt. This is the ultimate grand gesture that will endure for eternity.

Where can you celebrate? If you are confident that the answer is yes, then make a reservation for Aster, the exclusive rooftop bar of the InterContinental.

Ask the question in mid-air.

Balloon Aloft is a great way to propose in the most romantic areas of NSW, from Byron Bay and Mudgee. Balloon Aloft allows you to submit some of NSW’s most romantic landscapes above, including Mudgee, Byron Bay, Hunter Valley, and Camden Valley. Marry-me’s banner or bottle of sparkling wine can be included in any exclusive or VIP flight.

Celebrate Byron’s proposals with a lunch at Frida’s Field. You can also visit the Logan Wines winery in Mudgee for a romantic drink and a cuddle.

Propose while the motor is running.

Start your new chapter with a romantic drive through the NSW countryside in your dream vehicle. Pricing Horse luxury driving experiences begin with a choice of destination: Tweed, Kiama, or Southern Highlands. You then choose from the Prancing stable – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, etc. You’ll then take your partner and that beautiful piece of engineering on a scenic drive through sunset-painted scenery. You can take hairpins under the canopy of hinterland roads and then open up to fifth gear along stretches on the coast.

Where you can celebrate: In Tweed, enjoy a drink at Bistro Livi or in Murwillumbah. Or, in the Southern Highlands, head to Bendooley Estate to have a cozy fireside celebration.

Feel the love at the highest peak.

It’s a good idea to propose at altitude, as you are about to reach a new level in your life. You’ll need to keep your Champagne cold and hidden for only half the time it takes to get to the peak of Mount Kosciuszko in Australia. If you want to experience the romance of the mountains, the sunset, or the full moon, you can book a guided hike. However, it is best to do this alone to take in the romantic scenery, the mountain views, and the wildflowers.

Where can you celebrate? Your second bottle of champagne will be waiting for you in The Eastern’s stylish “Oak” or “Cedar” cabins.

Say it fast

Throw your partner on the back of a 1700cc cruiser to spice up your relationship. You can be sure that you have already gained their loyalty for life if you can ensure they will know what it is. Byron Bay Motorcycle Tours can help you launch your campaign, whether it’s on a self-ride or chauffeured tour or if you hire a bike to do it yourself. The wind in your hair will allow you to cruise through the hinterland and catch glimpses of the bay as you ascend St Helena. You’ll then return to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, Australia’s easterlymost point, for a grand finale. Contact us to customize a ride that suits your proposal.

Where you should celebrate: Book a dinner at Rae’s On Wategos to pre-empt the yes vote. You can walk there from the lighthouse.

Comel ride in the Outback for a memorable experience

A proposal for an eternal partnership against the backdrop of a desert sunset is truly magnificent. While camel trains are no longer used to transport supplies but rather travelers, they remain a Broken Hill staple. You and your partner will love the quirkiness of a sunset camel ride with Silverton Outback Camels. After the tour, you can camp on-site, stay in a cottage, or go back to town.

Where you can celebrate: You are in the Outback. It’s only fitting that your celebratory drink is held at the Original Silverton Hotel.

Show them a ring under a starry night sky.

What could be more romantic than gazing up at the celestial body of the universe? In Australia’s first Dark Sky Park, the Warrumbungle National Park, pitch your tent with your proposal of everlasting love under the diamond-studded Milky Way. Dark Sky Parks offer a clear night sky without artificial lights or city distractions. However, your bid will still steal the spotlight from the stars.

Where you can celebrate: If you are camping, you may want to bring your favorite pre-mixed cocktails to enjoy under the stars. If you are returning to Mudgee the next day for a celebration meal, make sure to stop by Pipeclay Pumphouse.

Surprise them with a surprise after the ride.

You can use some distraction tactics if you suspect that your intention has caught on. Take them for a full day’s ride through the stunning Snowy Valleys. You can use this trick to fool your intended. After riding the 21-kilometer sealed track on the Tumbarumba Rail Trail, they will not suspect anything. The full 21-kilometre way is not necessary, and you can choose where to stop and drop your knee. But the rolling green hills, the valley air, and the refreshing valley atmosphere will remain in your memory forever.

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