5 Recipes With Sugarcane Juice You Must Try To Beat The Summer Blues

Sugarcane Juice Recipes: However, if you’re tired of drinking the same bland sugarcane juice daily, It is possible to mix it into various drinks or utilize it to spice up the flavor of your food.

It’s summer season, and we are thrilled to welcome chilled drinks into our diet. We’ve all enjoyed spending our youth stopping the street carts, selling sugarcane juice, and quenching our thirst with this sweet and milky drink. Sugarcane juice (or “ganne ka ras” in the way we refer to it) is a great way to refresh yourself instantly. Summer is more enjoyable with sugarcane swarming everywhere. Sugarcane juice isn’t only delicious, but it’s also highly nutritious. It contains antioxidants and immune-boosting properties to prevent common colds and other illnesses. Sugarcane is also rich in proteins, electrolytes, and minerals, making it an ideal drink to hydrate, essential during hot and humid summer.

Sugarcane is the most crucial crop used to produce sugar and make jaggery (gur) due to its sweet taste. It is an excellent refreshing summer drink when made into a chilled and chilled glass. If you’re bored of drinking the same simple sugarcane juice daily, You can mix it into different beverages and make it a part of the flavor of your food. The dietary use of sugarcane is abundant. Are you eager to learn what you can cook using sugarcane juice? Continue reading.

Sugarcane Juice Recipes You Can Try:

Karumbu Juice

It is a trendy drink made of sugarcane, as well as two other ingredients we always have in the kitchen: lemon and ginger. Peel the sugarcane, chop it into pieces. Then, you can blend it with ginger. Drink the juice and serve with a squeeze of lime juice. The combination of flavors allows you to taste an entirely different sugarcane juice.

Sugarcane Dessert

Make kheer or payasam Ice-cream or sorbet using sugarcane juice. The best part is that you will not need to add sweetness to sugar. Sugarcane juice can add flavor and sugar to desserts.

Sugarcane Stick Snacks

Create vegetarian or non-vegetarian snacks on a stick using sugarcane. Mix a coarse mixture of minced meat or other vegetables wrapped around a sugarcane stick in a deep fry to make sweet and spicy snacks.

Lemon Chicken With Sugarcane Juice

Give a little sweetness to the delicious lemon chicken by using Sugarcane juice. The lemon chicken recipe is made in the standard method with the usual spices and lemon juice. In the end, add some sugarcane juice to boost the flavor of this tasty chicken dish.

Sugarcane Cocktails/Mocktails

Include sugarcane juice in your cocktail or mocktail recipe and other ingredients, and then remove any sugar. Serve refreshing drinks chilled to your guests. They can also help hydrate them during summer.

Try these sugarcane-based recipes to beat summer blues with these refreshing drinks and foods that have the sweetness of.

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