5 Best Breakfast Places in Darling Harbour, Sydney

What does your ideal breakfast appear like?

It’s not a secret that Sydney offers a delicious breakfast and also the finest coffee. However, with so many mouthwatering places to visit, it’s hard to figure out where to start.

Where better to chill and enjoy breakfast than the jewel in the crown of Sydney Darling Harbour? Darling Harbour.

With so many choices and a plethora of expensive tourist attractions, it can be not easy to decide the best place to go.

If you’d like to hold cash in your pockets and you’ll be smiling and find a hidden treasure in your backyard, it is important to be aware before heading out.

We’ve put together our most popular breakfast places located in Sydney’s Darling Harbour for 2019.

Want more? Let’s go.

Warn: Don’t dive into this list if hungry.



1. Braza Churrascaria

Are you looking for something new to do to eat breakfast?

You may recognize Braza Churrascaria as an authentic Brazilian barbecue restaurant. However, there’s something more in the Darling Harbour hotspot than the all-you-can-eat menu. Their breakfast is unlike any other breakfast you’ll get in Sydney.

With vegetarian and gluten-free choices, This is Sydney’s best-known breakfast secret. It’s a blend of traditional Brazilian and Aussie favorites; it’s the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary.

Go for something different and exotic, like this juice called Acerola. It contains 180 mL of Acerola juice that includes the equivalent quantities of vitamin C. FOURTEEN liters of orange juice. It is a drink that can get you started early in the early morning.

You can also settle down to a classic such as breakfast or Morning BBQ Fix. A hearty plate filled with smokey BBQ brisket served with homemade chorizo made from scratch, eggs, Chinese broccoli, baked beans, and sourdough.

Our favorite? The classic Brazilian “Misto Quente” breakfast sandwich made with mozzarella cheese and smoked ham is a fantastic option. However, if you’re forcing us to select two favorites, we’ll choose all seven varieties of their tapioca dessert as well.

2. Coffee Box

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in need of a caffeine boost to kick off your day and getting a poor cup of coffee. For your convenience, there’s nothing to be afraid of this happening at Coffee Box.
There are a lot of tourist attractions within the harbor, offering average drinks; this tiny sea container located in Pyrmont is where locals gather.



Serving some of Sydney’s most smooth and richest coffee, Coffee Box is an essential stop at any time, any day of the week, no matter if you’re trying to make it through the day or need a quick pick-me-up after a night out in the city.

Although we all are guilty of drinking a cup of coffee before breakfast, most of the time, If you’re hungry too, Coffee Box has plenty of delicious bites to take and take with you. Snacks are more appealing than full-sized meals, including homemade cakes or the best bacon egg rolls. There’s always something to satisfy your palate.

The most appealing aspect? Although there’s limited seating, the menu is intended to be consumed in a hurry. Take a bite that is easy to hold and dig into as you walk through Pyrmont.

3. Blackbird Cafe

There is nothing better than a delicious breakfast? It is an excellent breakfast that has stunning water views!

With views from the balcony that overlooks Sydney’s Darling Harbour, Blackbird Cafe serves a standard Sydney brunch menu that is filled with the most popular contemporary Australian classics.



Big night out? A night out with friends? Ultimate Big Breakfast is guaranteed to ease the hangover. With crisp bacon, a variety of the mushrooms of Hash Browns, an absolutely delicious Italian sausage, and grilled tomatoes, beans, eggs, and beans, you’ll leave Blackbird Cafe filled and ready to take in the rest of your day.

If you’re looking to try something different from your usual food at the cafe, take a look at the prosciutto schiacciata.

It’s a traditional flatbread made in Tuscany that is topped with prosciutto goat cheese sun,-dried tomatoes, and rocket. It’s certain to make you return every time.

4. Pancakes on the Rocks

Pancakes are an old-fashioned classic.

Suppose you were a child in Sydney and are familiar with the landmark known as Pancakes on the Rocks and their fluffy buttermilk pancakes. But don’t think for one moment that you need to head to the Rocks to have a breakfast indulgence.

With the Darling Harbour location, you’ll find the food you’re looking for; whether it’s a sweet or savory dish, there’s an option to make pancakes.

And then again…why not indulge yourself in both?

Start with a meal to celebrate the wonderful nation we call home, such as Australian Sunrise. Australian Sunrise-two buttermilk pancakes served with eggs, bacon, and grilled bananas, as well as pineapple.

There’s always a place for dessert as well. Therefore, we prefer to finish with something sweeter, like the apple crumble or the black forest pancakes.

If you’re a crepes with fluffy pancakes lover, The Ultimate is the one to go with. Two delicious crepes filled with cream cheese as well as sultanas served with raspberry coulis and vanilla Ice cream. It’s more than worthy of its name.

Celiacs are happy because nearly every pancake recipe has the option of gluten-free. This means you don’t have to stare at your friend’s stack and wish that it could be yours.

5. Planar

If you’re in search of your next breakfast place, We think we might have found the right spot in Planar.

Located on the ground floor, the International Convention Centre (ICC), Planar, will have you having a great brunch while enjoying one of the most beautiful images of Darling Harbour.



The restaurant on the waterfront serves contemporary Australian cuisine with dishes that have many options ranging from smashed avocado and smoothie bowls to crispy bacon and eggs cooked your way.

You might have tried one of these Acai bowls (or 300) previously, but have you ever tried a blue algae smoothie bowl? It’s not just that Planar’s Blue Lagoon smoothie bowl tastes fantastic, but it is also topped with seasonal fruits and homemade granola. Still, it’s an eye-catching pleasure (see it as highly Instagrammable) and looks stunning on your Instagram feed.

The traditional Nutella French toast stuffed with Nutella is another one to try that is served with maple syrup and strawberries. It’s a bit indulgent, but even more, it’s delicious.

After you’ve finished breakfast, pick one of Planar’s numerous fresh-made juices and take it with you for a stroll through the harbor.

This is how you start your day with a bang.

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