‘What has happened?’: Shock at price of Sydney pub bowl of hot chips

Once again, the price of a plate of chips in a Sydney pub left Australians stunned.

A customer posted a picture of hot chips on Reddit. He noted that the snack cost him $16.10.

The man asked, “No sauce. Yes on Sunday [so weekend surcharge possible], but what happened?”

The chips would have cost $13.70 without the presumed 15% surcharge. This is not out of reach at many Sydney restaurants.

The response to the customer’s complaint was not as sympathetic as he might have hoped. Other users questioned why he would order chips knowing how much they cost.

One person wrote: “So, you paid the price even though you saw it?”

Another said, “Yeah, wtf. Why would anyone buy this lol?” “My local bar offers parmies with chips, veggies and salad for $20. The chip portion is just a little smaller than this.”

Other people expressed their frustration with the high cost of living.

One person said, “That’s a lot more expensive than the current price of chips.”

The ‘weekend Surcharge’ is used to their advantage.

Another joke: “How can seagulls afford to live in the city?”

The ever-increasing price of chips is not only being discussed on social media.

The owner of Sydney’s takeaway institution Great North Seafood told news.com.au that the rising price of fish and chip meals had affected the humble family meal.

In the last five years, the cost of food has increased by an average of 40 percent, with some items increasing as much as 60 percent.

Leang Eng who bought Great North Seafood in the last year, after working there for three years, admitted that raising prices was “really difficult” to do.

Ms Eng stated that the cost of chips “hits hard” on her business.

The hangover of a potato shortage that occurred earlier this year has persisted. Aussies were forced to pay more and buy less because there was a shortage.

In New Zealand, potato prices rose by 48 percent in the year that ended in July. Local chip shops reported that supplier costs had also increased 10 percent.

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