Recent NFT drops give consumers exclusive access to products and services. Brands from all industries are using NFTs as a way to increase consumer loyalty and engage in the metaverse.

New York City’s first NFT is currently under construction. Flyfish Club, a members-only restaurant that will open in New York City in 2023, will accept cryptocurrency as payment for membership. The venue will feature an upscale seafood bar, a cocktail room, and a private omakase-style dining area for primary members. Memberships could be considered an “asset,” with buyers able to sell, lease, or use them on a month-to-month basis. This is a new concept in the dining industry.

Coachella has launched an NFT marketplace, where three collections of NFTs are available for purchase on the 4th of February. Coachella Keys Collection, which is a collection of 10 NFTs, will give the purchaser a lifetime festival pass for each purchase. The purchase will include exclusive benefits for the festival in 2022, such as a celebrity chef’s dinner and front-row access to events.

DJ Steve Aoki launched the A0K1VERSE, a dynamic metaverse designed for NFT Collectors, in January. Passport holders, powered by the Passport NFT and interoperable with multiple meta-communities and in partnership with Manifold Creative Studio, will have access both to virtual and physical concerts, as well as early access to NFT releases, private events, and apparel.

Hennessy’s first NFTs were released in January at a price of $226,450 per piece. Each purchase includes both physical and digital ownership for the first and final bottles of a Hennessy 8 limited edition from the LVMH-owned Cognac house. Buyers received a digital version of the bottle upon purchase via the NFT platform BlockBar as proof of ownership. Each buyer can choose to accept the physical asset, which includes a commemorative statue, an engraved Baccarat blown carafe, and a pipette.

PATRON has also released its first NFT, a limited-edition Chairman’s Reserve. The buyer receives 150 unique physical bottles of this exclusive blend. The release, which is only available at, will never be reproduced. BlockBar secures the crypto purchase with digital proof of ownership and authenticity. The physical product is available for delivery, trading, or gifting via the Marketplace.

Sam Falic, co-founder of BlockBar and president at Forbes, said: “If you have the NFT you also own the physical asset that is underlying it. This is often held by a custody company.” The token is destroyed once the physical asset has been redeemed.

In July last year, a web series for NFT token holders was released. The “Stoner cats” created by Mila Kutcher and Ashton Kutcher sold its 10,000 NFTs at a price of $8.4 Million, or 0.35 ETH per token.

NFT purchases unlock premier access to events and memberships. This brings a level of exclusivity and extravagance into the digital world.

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