Could you describe the atmosphere? I’d travel here with my wife if I weren’t working here! The restaurant has a large fireplace, and it feels both intimate and grand. The Book Barn has a great selection of books that diners can browse and buy. Also, there’s an entire area dedicated to cookbooks. This is a real country experience.


How would you describe the winter menu? It’s casual, approachable, and wholesome, with an emphasis on produce. The ‘nduja is a big dish this winter. ‘Nduja, a spicy salami that can be spread on bread, is topped with burrata cheese balls and black garlic dressing. We pickle our vegetables and ferment our garlic – I love cultured foods that are both tasty and good for your gut.

Do you have a favorite cuisine? Our kitchen is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. We love to incorporate their talents. Slow-braised Lamb Shoulder with Argentinian Chimichurri and peperonata. We grill kingfish with Indian lentils, curry leaves, and tempered mustard seeds. Our French chef does charcuterie, and our pastry cook is American-trained. He’s brought a pumpkin tart with maple whipped crème and caramelized pecans.


You’re right! You can taste the cinnamon and nutmeg, and it’s not too sweet. A rice pudding with thyme and vanilla is another new winter dessert. It’s comforting.


How do you also work with seasons? Our dressings and cures are always seasonal. We usually use cured salmon, but during winter, we will add mandarin to the treatment. Then, we will dress it with shaved Fennel. We also make a winter dressing which contains pickled root vegetables such as beetroot or carrot. We add more layers by adding beetroot powder to the dish.


Is there a signature dish at the restaurant? Our pizzas are very popular, and we make them in a wood-fired oven in the middle. Our crab linguine was a popular dish, but recently, we changed it to prawns. It’s a classic with olive oil, chili, and garlic. Tunisian Samosas are also signatures: they’re made with caramel and citrus frangipane.

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