Have you ever stomped on grapes? Do you know the differences between Angasi oysters and Sydney rock oysters? Spend a day making cheese from nuts? Have you ever tried munchies and green ants?

The food experiences in NSW are as varied as they are delicious. Bring your appetite and sense of adventure.

Sydney – Eat your way through the world

Sydney’s Taste Cultural Food Tours will take you on a culinary adventure that includes everything from burek to dosa to banh mi and xiaolongbao. Discover flavor combinations that you didn’t know existed in Persian bakeries or Balkan delis. Or at Fijian Indian restaurants and Filipino street food vendors. Even the worldliest gourmands will savor something novel on these neighborhood-focused walking tours, led by migrants, refugees, and in-the-know locals.

Experience the essence of Australia.

Restaurants often use native ingredients. Bangalay Dining is a South Coast waterside restaurant in Shoalhaven Heads. Few menus are so innovative and immersive. The dishes are an Antipodean experience: a smoked crocodile with green pepper ants, roasted beets with zingy lemon lilly pills, kangaroo with saltbush and muntries, or Moreton Bay Bug topped with bug-heads custard. It’s Australia in a mouthful of unexpected delight.

The Farm is a great place to visit.

The sprawling organic farming in Byron Bay is a popular destination for visitors who want to see free-range Highland cows and chickens. They can also enjoy a meal from paddock to plate at the Three Blue Ducks on-site. It’s exciting to learn about the origins of your food, but it’s even more fun when you get to prepare a portion or all of your meal. You can learn to transform your food scraps into probiotic-rich pickles, chutneys, and almond cheeses that you can take home. Join the Fermented Cheeses & Condiments cooking class. Your gut will thank it.

Winemaking can be messy.

The fact that you’re about to end a delicious day by squishing grapes under your feet in Sydney’s Urban Winery makes it even more enjoyable. You can sample A.Retief branded shiraz or chardonnay, as well as petit verdot straight from the barrels. Each aromatic and head-spinning taste reveals a different and fascinating layer of the fruit that you just crushed. What’s the best part? The best part?

Shuck it really well.

The NSW Oyster Trail stretches from the north of the state to the south and includes farm gates, restaurants serving seafood, and festivals. The ‘Oyster coast’ is 300km long and located along the southern part of the state. Use this self-guided tour as an aphrodisiac for you and your partner. You can watch oyster farms, sheds, and bars shuck Pacific and Rock oysters while you are waiting with anticipation. These waters are home to rare Angasi Oysters, which are native to Australia and very hard to find. They’re also very tasty.

Sip, swill, or savor a snack

Corowa Whisky & Chocolate is located in a historic mill from the 1920s, which was once a flour mill. The establishment’s distillations range from Mad Dog Morgan (notes of orange and burnt caramel) to Bosque Verde (cherries and chocolate). The establishment is located in an old mill from the 1920s in this historic Murray River town. Its distillations include Mad Dog Morgan, which has notes of burnt caramel and oranges, and Bosque Verde with cherries and chocolate. Enjoy a few tastings of liquid gold, and then go home with a giant chocolate pie or spelled licorice.

Claw your seafood feast.

Don’t just take it from them. Catch a Crab will take you straight to the source. It’s an adventure like no other to spear a huge crustacean in the Terranora Lakes system of mangroves. Then, you can add fresh oysters, fish, and prawns to your catch. Then, you can sit back and take in the breathtaking scenery as they cook on the barbecue. Let Indigenous guide Luther Cora show you how to hunt for crabs and fish in the mangroves along the Tweed River.

Bush tucker is a delicious way to eat.

Firescreek Winery on the Central Coast is a mini Eden, with butterflies flying between 30 different fruit trees and 40 different types of roses, among countless other flowers. The organic grapes and the wines they produce have been awarded medals around the world. After exploring the grounds with an Elder from Darkinjung, you will be able to taste the wines after tasting native plants and herbs that you didn’t know were edible. You will also learn how these botanicals and other botanicals are turned into some of your favorite drops. Anyone for a chilled citrus wine?

Forage your dinner (very aromatic)

You’ll be blown away by the earthy flavor of a black Perigord Truffle on your first taste. You’ll be hooked the second time. It takes years for these addictive nuggets to grow under oak trees in a cool climate. You can enjoy a similar experience in the Southern Highlands, where you get to add a hands-on element to your epicurean appeal with a Wild Food Adventures Winter Truffle Hunt. Under your guidance, powerfully-nosed foraging canines harvest the magic between June and August. The result is a feast of epic proportions.

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