Did You Know: This French University Offers Master Degree In ‘Drinking Eating And Living’

It’s no surprise that food and beverages have a significant impact on our daily lives. Some enjoy taking food, drinking, socializing, and eating as an art form. Consider the French, for example. France is renowned for its wines, food, and chic style of living. It is so well-known that it was recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2010 recognized as the “gastronomic meal of the French” as a part of the “intangible cultural heritage of humanity.” What if we say that you can now master the art of eating, drinking, and living by studying the masters of their craft? That’s right, it’s right. A prestigious university in France offers a master’s Degree program on how to eat, drink and live a whole life. The course, which is known as BMV, which stands for “boire, manger, and Vivre, ” is offered at the expense of Sciences Po Lille – one of France’s most prestigious political science schools.
On the official site of Sciences Po Lille, the BMV course covers various subjects, including food, drinks, beverages, food technology, and gastro-diplomacy. According to reports, the program includes writing essays about lifestyle, food agriculture, food, and other topics. In addition, students participate in conclaves, conferences, and other events regarding food and beverages.

The course was taught by professor Benoit Lengaign, who believes, “Sciences Po is the great school which poses and confronts contemporary issues thanks to the human and social sciences: this century that you will have known from birth carries and drags the intertwined questions of the trio of drinking, eating and living (BMV).”

“What we ingest into our bodies for a living is a part of nature. In this sense, food should be preventive medicine for the individual and for the planet. It’s the question of the environment. What we consume (liquids and solids) is not just anything; it all depends on who, with whom, when, from where, how, the uses inherited, the habits you want to change. In short, it is the question of culture. It is not a question of dividing nature and culture, on the contrary, because we cultivate the land and the environment is social. This fundamental link between environment and culture is the foundation of BMV,” his post on the website for Sciences Po Lille’s official site Sciences Po Lille reads.

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