7 Classic Australian Dinner Recipes

Some things are unquestionably and iconically Australian: Steve Irwin’s koalas, Steve Irwin’s helmets to deter magpies, and koalas. You might associate fairy bread with meat pies or vegemite when it comes to food.

What about dinner? These traditional dinners have been passed down through generations. These 7 recipes are easy to prepare, full of flavour, and always a hit with the family. They’re a staple in the Aussie diet and have earned a place in our cookbooks.

Slow cooker Beef Stew

The ingredients used to make beef stew are different in each country. France adds a whole bottle of wine. Ireland adds Guinness. Germany adds sour cream. Australia adds chutney. Rosella Fruit Chutney is a unique sweet-savoury flavour that gives a rich and delicious stew.

Sausage Rolls

What is the secret to super-juicy, delicious sausage rolls? The ingredients are Rosella tomato sauce, grated carrot, and a pinch of salt. To enhance the flavour, this one also has cheese. You’ll love it when you make it yourself!

Sweet and savoury Sausage Curry

This curry is authentic if you think of Indian food. It’s Australian curried, however. You’ll find the same sweet and savoury flavours you grew up with in this Rosella chutney with sultanas and fruits, as well as curry powder and sausages. It’s so good.

Mash and Bangers

Bangers and mash have been given a delicious little upgrade. The snags should be first cooked in rich tomato sauce gravy. Next, top the dish with a sweet potato mash. (You can also use white potatoes). Bake the snags in a delicious tomato sauce gravy.

Lamb Rissoles

It’s a meatball or a pat. It’s not a meatball or a patty. It’s a good old-fashioned rissole made with lamb mince, Rosella tomato sauce, and no less. We do it differently in Australia. There’s no coating, which is great for barbeque.

Savoury Mince

Simple mince, cooked in a tomato sauce with vegetables, creates the base for many meals. We could go on and on about pie, stuffed mushrooms (with jacket potatoes), nacho toppings, sloppy Joes, etc. This recipe can be made ahead and frozen for later use.

Meatloaf with Cheesy Mash Topping

A shining, glazed meatloaf is always a welcome sight. This version comes with cheesy potato mashed potatoes. Rosella Fruit Chutney is a trusted ingredient that creates a delicious, juicy loaf and a shiny, sticky glaze.

Cooking Australia

These Rosella recipes are available to save to your myfoodbook cookbooks, so you have the classics at hand.

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